Lebanon PA  17046
(717) 272-6466


* Hershey Park - volunteers welcomed to help raise funds for Friends & also receive a FREE pass to the park for a day.    Call Gloria for   more info at 272-6466 or e-mail gloria.p.3566@gmail.com

* Giant Center - same as above, working in the foods dept. for hockey games & other events.

* Aluminum Can Recycling - Cans may be dropped off at the flagpole at Coble's Bait & Tackle Shop, N. 8th Avenue & Weavertown Rd., Lebanon. These include ALL soda & beer cans, aluminum cat food cans & some dog food cans. Please, NO water bottles or steel cans.
         All labels MUST be removed - 9 lives cat food cans are NOT aluminum & can not be accepted

* Dad's pet food UPC labels - just clip the UPC's labels from dog & cat food bags This program has been discontinued

* Ink Cartridge Recycling Program - Don't throw away your empty ink jet cartridges -  they can be recycled & re-used.  Best of all, its good for the environment by reducing pollution.  Cartridges do not decompose for 1,000 years.  All cartridges with a print head quality will be accepted.

Thanks in advance!