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Animals for Adoption
The cats that are available for adoption have all been spayed or neutered since pet overpopulation is our main concern.  All kittens will be spayed or neutered when they reach the appropriate age and weight.  All cats are veterinarian tested for Feline Aids (FIV) and Feline Leukemia (FeLV).

Friends Of All Animals Adoption Application

 After completion, you must save, then email to either gloria@lmf.net or foaa@lmf.net

                  DOB: 9-1-23

Theo, male           Travis, male              Tommy, male                  Taylor, female
                                   neutered                         neutered

                                  Friends - DOB: 8-28-23

Tilley                           Millie                         Lily                   All females

Adoptions pending on all 3

                         siblings    DOB: 8-31-23    

Trixie, female     Cricket, female     Penni, female     Tony, male

                       siblings - DOB: 5-19-23

Kayla, female, spayed               Jack, male, neutered

               siblings       DOB: 7-13-23    Both neutered
  Inky, male                  Tinky, male

                                     siblings    DOB: 4-25-23

Wyatt, male               Zoey, female             Chester, male
                                        All 3 spayed/ neutered

         Benny, male, neutered      DOB: 4-15-23

                                                 siblings - DOB: 3-17-23

 Oliver, male, neutered              Cassie, female, spayed       

KiKi, female, spayed      DOB:  5-2-22 approximate       

    Simon, male, neutered         DOB: 4-27-21

Personality as described by foster mom:

Simon is a very sweet & affectionate 2 1/2 year old cat. He loves to run around with spring toys in his mouth talking very loudly & watching the birds outside all the while having conversations with them. He has no problem demanding attention by attaching himself to your leg & demanding you pick him up and snuggle. He loves just sitting in your lap while purring loudly & wrapping his paws around your arms. He prefers a quiet low key household with maybe one or two other kitty's to play with but prefers his humans above all else & wouldn't mind one bit to be the only cat & have all the attention! Ideal cat for someone looking for a very faithful pet companion.


Born in April 2020, Luna is not a lap cat, but really likes to be petted.  She is playful and  loves toys, especially springs and catnip and is really good with kids.  She will sit in a box and let kids pull her around.  No experience with dogs.  She would be most happy in a home without other pets.  Lily loves windows.  She is spayed & updated with vaccinations.

Born in April 2020, Lily is cuddly and likes to always be near you or on you. She loves to be petted. No experience with dogs, likes other cats if she can be dominant, very motherly.  Loves toys, especially springs and laysers.  She is spayed & updated with vaccinations.