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Animals for Adoption
The cats that are available for adoption have all been spayed or neutered since pet overpopulation is our main concern.  All kittens will be spayed or neutered when they reach the appropriate age and weight.  All cats are veterinarian tested for Feline Aids (FIV) and Feline Leukemia (FeLV).

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Friends of All Animals adoption application

 After completion, you must save, then email to either gloria@lmf.net or foaa@lmf.net

         DOB: 6-25-20
Adelle, female      Alana, female       Ariel, female      Sebastian, male      Max, male (both males neutered)
                                                                                                                                            ADOPTED               ADOPTED

siblings - all males, neutered     DOB: 7-3-20
James                     Luke                    Jude                   

             siblings   DOB: 6-1-20
Graham, male             Poe, male                 Allen, male        Bell, female
    neutered                  neutered                           neutered

                               siblings      DOB: 6-23-20
Violet, female       Thor, male
Adoption pending for both together

                              siblings  DOB: 6-28-20
Jonsie, male                     Joey, male           Indie, male               Jessy, female

                  siblings    DOB: 6-27-20
Gourden, male                       Pumpkin, female         Autumn, female
       Gourden & Pumpkim adopted together                   ADOPTED

                                                                                 siblings  DOB: 6-1-20   
      Chip, male, neutered                                     Mickey, male          

         siblings   DOB: 6-11-20
Elsa                          Emily                   Lily                  Luna                   All females
                                          ADOPTED               ADOPTED

 Poppy, female, spayed       DOB: 4-23-20

 Molly, female, spayed         DOB:  2018 approximate  

 Cinder, male, neutered             ADOPTED

 Lucy, female, spayed     DOB: 6-2019     ADOPTED

   Eric, male, neutered           DOB:  6-2018 approximate

 Beatrice, female, spayed       DOB:  2016 approximate
Beatrice has tested positive for FIV.  She is very, very friendly, lovable & dog friendly.

   Hanna, female, spayed      DOB: 4-12-20       

      Sissy, female, spayed       DOB: 7-2019   

     Paul, male, neutered                 DOB: 4-20-20